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The Spitfire Diamond Nine

We have already announced the attendance of five Spitfires at The Battle of Britain Airshow; Spitfires TD314 ‘St George’, NH341 ‘Elizabeth’, N3200, PT462 and PL983 ‘The NHS Spitfire’

Not enough? We didn’t think so either

So we’re pleased to confirm that G-IRTY ‘The Silver Spitfire, RR232 ‘City of Exeter, MH434 and MT928 will now be attending. All Spitfires will be displaying as a Diamond Nine of Spitfires, never seen before at The Battle of Britain Airshow!

The Battle of Britain Airshow was the only conventional airshow to go ahead in the UK last summer. The event is pre-sale ticket admission only and sold out well in advance last year. So if you want to get your airshow fix this year, make sure you pre-book your tickets which are available now!

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